Monday, May 25, 2009

Payment & Posting

We would inform the bank account number once u have confirm the product and about to make payment .To confirm the product purchase ,please sms us at our number or simply contact us through ym ^_^..


Tariff For a parcel weighing not more than 1 Kg =1000 gm

Min. Weight (KG) Max. Weight (KG) Rates (RM)
Above 0.00 To 1.00 2.50
Above 1.00 To 1.50 3.50
Above 1.50 To 2.00 3.50
Above 2.00 To 2.50 4.50
Above 2.50 To 3.00 4.50
Above 3.00 To 3.50 5.50
Above 3.50 To 4.00 5.50
Above 4.00 To 4.50 6.50
Above 4.50 To 5.00 6.50
Above 5.00 To 5.50 7.50
Above 5.50 To 6.00 7.50
Above 6.00 To 6.50 8.50
Above 6.50 To 7.00 8.50
Above 7.00 To 7.50 9.50
Above 7.50 To 8.00 9.50
Above 8.00 To 8.50 10.50
Above 8.50 To 9.00 10.50
Above 9.00 To 9.50 11.50
Above 9.50 To 10.00 11.50
Above 10.00 To 10.50 12.50
Above 10.50 To 11.00 12.50
Above 11.00 To 11.50 13.50
Above 11.50 To 12.00 13.50
Above 12.00 To 12.50 14.50
Above 12.50 To 13.00 14.50
Above 13.00 To 13.50 15.50
Above 13.50 To 14.00 15.50
Above 14.00 To 14.50 16.50
Above 14.50 To 15.00 16.50
Above 15.00 To 15.50 17.50
Above 15.50 To 16.00 17.50
Above 16.00 To 16.50 18.50
Above 16.50 To 17.00 18.50
Above 17.00 To 17.50 19.50
Above 17.50 To 18.00 19.50
Above 18.00 To 18.50 20.50
Above 18.50 To 19.00 20.50
Above 19.00 To 19.50 21.50
Above 19.50 To 20.00 21.50
(takes up to 3-7 days depending on zone)

Pos express rate

100grm RM2.50
250grm RM3.00
500grm RM4.00
750grm RM6.00
1kg RM7.00

(takes up to 1-3 days depending on zone)

*extra charges may be charged , according to weight and type of envelope , therefore.. we will confirm the final price with u


The most important thing is...please please please look at the measurements carefully whether it fits you or not.. we would be sad if you bought our clothes and could not fit in to it...Therefore please measure ur self before purchasing it

  • View product page and select the item you want.Then contact us via sms or ym , to confirm purchase and the total price .We would only give the account number to serious buyers only .
  • To reserve 20% of the actual price have to be made.
  • For reservations,if full payment is not made within 3 days, We are entitled to sell our products to others who are interested.
  • Only serious buyers would be entertained
  • Method 1 Once you have paid thru internet banking ,then only you fill in the payment form.
  • Method 2 If you do not have internet banking just bank in manually and keep the receipt..and fill in the payment form as usual and include the referrence number stated on the receipt.
  • No changes or refund could be made once payment has been done .
  • once the payment has been made we will process the delivery .
  • Delivery would only be done on monday plan ur buying days..^_^
  • Cash on delivery is only available in Emerald park, MMU Melaka and Ixora


  • After posting, applepie cottage is not held responsible , for any delay or any affairs relating to postage.
  • Please contact your nearest post office to check your package status , or visit pos malaysia trackking system by clicking this pos malaysia logo. Please fill in you reference number that we will give , when the final transaction has been made.So you can keep in track with your items .
  • Extra charges may apply according to weight (therefore we will confirm the final price to you )
  • Our posting fees may change according to pos malaysia posting charges..

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